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Just When I’d Resigned Myself to Pain and Torture for the Next 4.5 Months…

29 Sep

After finishing my C210K workout yesterday, I was pretty nervous. And a little depressed. I was dying a little toward the end of my (little more than 2 mile) workout, and I figured that since I have been at this whole pregnant exercising thing for a while now, it was just going to stay pretty painful the entire time.

But today. Today still hurt. But. It was better!

I decided to start out really slow and only increase my pace if I was feeling good. Yesterday I remember wanting to cry when I looked down at my watch and saw that I’d only gone .46 miles (oh my gosh, that makes me feel so pathetic), and today I was feeling really great until the 1.74 mile mark. Not bad, right? Well… not good. But not bad! I’m just going to try to remember to channel the tortoise, not the hare.

After my little workout, me and Michael went down to the Puget Sound to check out the ferries and the native wildlife.

At the Puget Sound

Pardon me not looking at the camera.


We live in such a gorgeous place!

This place is pretty awesome because it has a 27-acre underwater park with a bunch of different trails and paths that divers can explore. There’s a lot of sunken ships and docks down there too. I really want to go dive around in here next summer! How cool would that be?


We saw this little cutie last week at this same place, but I forgot to post a picture. He followed a school of fish into the marina and was zipping around under the yachts and dock.

I hope all of you enjoy what’s left of the weekend! Happy sweating!