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A Very Happy Groundhog’s Day to You!

2 Feb

Lest we all forget, today is Groundhog’s Day, a revered American holiday.


Thanks, National Geographic, for letting me borrow your pic. I’ll try to make it to the show next year to take my own.

Luckily for all of us out there who love summer (everyone minus my crazy, snow-hungry husband), Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring! Bless you, dear groundhog. And you too, groundhog handler with the well-oiled handlebar mustache. Bless you both.

Not that winter in Seattle is particularly trying… Unless you think that unrelenting rain is a hardship (which I don’t). But it’s nice to know that the rest of the world will be bathing in sunlight sooner while I get paler and paler by the day up here in the Pacific Northwest. When I emerge from under the rain cloud I’m sure I’ll look like a character from Twilight. Heaven help us all.


This is where things are gonna go down. Just imagine a grey sky instead of blue and a little more rain…

Along with checking the g-hog’s predictions for the future, this morning Michael and I went on a tour of the childbirth center at the hospital where the little guy will be born. Exciting stuff, no?

I went in with a long list of questions and left with all of my questions answered and feeling more anxiety than ever. It’s one thing to imagine giving birth, but it’s something else entirely to actually see where it’s all going to happen. It just made everything feel so much more real. I didn’t realize that I needed a(nother) reality check, but I definitely got it. Yikes.

I will be giving birth on a bed just like this one scarily soon. {source}

I will be giving birth on a bed just like this scarily soon.

On the bright side, I realized during the tour that I am absolutely, 100% in the right place to give birth. For me. I’m about 11% hippie (give or take a few percentage points), but I definitely believe in medicine. I mean, my dad is doctor, after all. Turns out that the nurses and doctors in this area have pretty much the same philosophy about childbirth as me. What a happy little coincidence! I’ll go into the details in a future post, but for now just know that I am a happy, if not anxious, pregnant girl (minus the suddenly raging hormones that have turned me into Madame Evil… Sorry about that, Michael) who is impatiently waiting to go into labor.


The waiting has definitely begun…