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My Favorite Little Boy + PESTO

28 Sep

I ♥ this little guy. Note the teeth poised to come in, ready to make feeding an adventure in pain.

Michael and I went to the doctor’s again for an ultrasound today. It was so exciting to look at him wiggling around! I really don’t think he’s gonna be the kind of kid that likes to sit still for long…

Bad news though, he’s smaller than he should be. I’m going to be 20 weeks in a few days, but he’s measuring about 2 weeks smaller than that. I really hope the doctor doesn’t decide to change his due date, because I have my heart set on February 18. Maybe sooner, but definitely not later. We’ll have to wait for the official word from the doctor though…

After coming back from the doctors we ran to Trader Joe’s (ps: I love this store. So much cheaper than everywhere else. You were right, Emi!) to grab the ingredients for pesto!

If you don’t love pesto yet, you need to eat more of it because it is seriously tasty. It comes from Northern Italy and is traditionally made by grinding all of the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. As per the fact that I don’t actually own a mortar and pestle, I used the next best thing: a Magic Bullet.

Magic Bullet

So magic.

Unfortunately, I turned on the bullet and then got distracted. And then waaay too much blending happened.


Even though this pesto looks like pea soup, it is still really yummy. And if you’re like me and could eat pasta for every meal of every day, pesto is a lot healthier than cream sauces because it has so many fewer calories.

Pretty Perfect Pesto (I just love alliteration, don’t you?)

1 1/2 cups fresh basil
1 1/2 cups pine nuts
1 Tablespoon minced garlic (or 2 cloves)
2 Tablespoons fresh Parmesan cheese
3/4 cup olive oil
A little bit of salt and pepper

Add all of these ingredients to your Magic Bullet (or food processor) and blend, blend, blend. But don’t blend too much or you’ll end up with pesto that looks like a green smoothie…

Pesto is also a great sauce to use on pizzas. And on sandwiches. And on meat. And as a dip. Honestly, you can really use it anywhere you want.

Quick tip: Pesto doesn’t take much time to make, but it can be a pain to blend it up every time you want to use it. Instead of making it fresh every time, just make a lot ahead of time and then freeze it in an ice cube tray. Then when you want to use it, just pop it out and heat it up. Genius! I completely stole this idea from my old roommate Lynne. We trained for our first half marathons together 🙂 She’s pretty awesome.


This is probably my favorite picture of all time. Lene, Caitlin, Lynne, Audrey, and me at the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight at BYU a few summers ago. We obviously took it pretty seriously.

On the docket for tomorrow: More C210K-ing. Get excited.

Jogging and a Caprese Salad

26 Sep
18 & 19 Week Bump

My little bump is growing! I kind of love it.

The bump is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s happening really fast. Michael has started calling me ‘big belly’ and it’s not inaccurate these days… I’m starting to get used to jogging with the extra weight and at my doctor’s appointment today I got the green light for doing a Thanksgiving 10K.

Actually, he told me that I can run as long as I don’t reach the level of effort and performance that elite runners exert. Um, yeah, I’ll keep that in mind when I start averaging sub-5:00 miles. Thanks doc!

Golf Course Trail

This is the trail around the golf course that I’ve been using. Don’t worry, I always take my pepper spray… I may or may not be a little paranoid.

After getting back from my workout, I made this lovely little salad:

Caprese Salad

Post-sweat lunch 🙂

Cute, no? Me and Michael finished it off pretty quickly.

Caprese Salad Recipe

I just used this simple recipe that came with the basil plant I bought.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. The tomato and basil were really good, but the mozzarella was a little overwhelming. That might have been my fault for cutting it too thick though. I really think balsamic vinegar would have improved it, but I didn’t have any handy.

And maybe it’s just me… There are a lot of people who love caprese salads, so make sure to try it and decide for yourself. Let me know what you think if you try it!

Ps: We heard our little man’s heartbeat at my doctor’s appointment today 🙂 It took him a full minute to find it, and I was silently freaking out the entire time, but he eventually located it. So fun!

I Cashed in my Running Karma Points Today

26 Sep

I didn’t even know I had any karma points stored up, buy imagine my surprise when Buddha emailed me $27.40 worth of it this morning. Yes, that is correct, I got a screaming deal on the DAWN OF THE DEAD DASH!!

Dawn of the Dead Dash


To recap, I will be one of the running undead on the streets of Seattle on October 27. Even better? The deal was so good ($17.60 per registration!) that I also registered Michael. Because immediately after I pushed the confirm button, I realized that this event would be absolutely zero fun without a friend. And considering that as of this moment Michael is my only friend in Seattle, he was my obvious choice.

Other good news includes this little cutie and a caprese salad on the schedule for the day:


I genuinely hope this plant lives longer than a week.

Stay tuned 🙂