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41 Week Bumpdate: Angry Edition

24 Feb
Um, yeah. I warned you about the self-tanning meltdown... And you probably should have seen the anger coming.

Um, yeah. I warned you guys about the self-tanning meltdown

Well, the Trifecta of Success ended up being ultimately unsuccessful in producing an end product. And actually unsuccessful in producing so much as a single labor contraction.

I ate two entire pineapples in two days.
I made like the pioneer children and walked and walked and walked and walked… and walked. And then I jogged.
I used evening primrose oil like a boss.
I even ate spicy food and tried some other tricks that are rumored to be successful in coercing babies out of their warm little aquarium homes.

But guess what. He stayed put. And I no longer have any faith in the old wives because their tales just don’t work.

This whole waiting to go into labor thing reminds me of two situations in my life:

1. 2nd grade. When my classmates lost a baby tooth, they got to stand in front of the class and tell about how it happened. With every day that passed and every child that came in with a new lost tooth, I became more and more horrified that my teeth all remained intact. I had a few wigglers, but none had taken the great plunge from their gummy home. All I wanted was to experience the magic of the tooth fairy, but my body was determined to make me the last miserable girl in the world to lose a single baby tooth. Eventually they disappeared, never to be seen again (well, not never to be seen again, because me and Jill found them all hidden in a box in my parents’ room circa 1998. Ew. I gag. But that’s a post for a different day…), but it took a lot of waiting before I was an all-permanent kinda girl.

2. Sex education, 6th grade. Having been previously warned by my mother, I knew the horrors that would begin to descend upon my body. Breasts. Hair. And the worst… menstruation (though that word wouldn’t enter my vocabulary for many more years). During sex education, one of the teachers asked my class of all girls who had started their period (I imagine this was an exercise to help these girls understand that they weren’t alone… but it had the exact opposite effect on the rest of us losers who hadn’t). The horror. I felt like the only girl without her hand in the air. And I had never been more embarrassed in my entire life (I would, however, be much more embarrassed in the future, when said period descended on a day when I was wearing khaki pants). Just like I had to wait for my permanent teeth (which were at this point covered in metal) to make their move, there was nothing I could do but wait to become a Woman.


Here I am, a little bit older and a tad bit wiser and still waiting for my body to get in sync (*nsyc. Love them.) with my mind. I know it will eventually happen, but in the meantime I feel like the elephant in the room all over again… (more literally this time around though). I guess I just didn’t learn my lesson the first time. Or the second… But one thing is for certain: this isย definitelyย my very last bumpdate for aย very long time!

40 Week Bumpdate

18 Feb
This had better be the last bumpdate I write...

This had better be the last bumpdate I write…

Well, I’ve given the little guy an eviction notice. And considering the fact that my “bump” could be more accurately described as a boulder these days, I’m thinking he’s probably considering his options at this very moment… the clock is ticking, little boy! It’s time to make some decisions!

Things have really changed this week because I have so much more pressure on my pelvis. Walking around has actually gotten pretty painful if I stick to it for too long, not to mention that I need to pee constantly. The fact that I’ve recently been watching Parks & Recreation hasn’t helped that fact either…

Anyway, I made a deal with Michael (back when we were thinking the little guy would come early) that we could get ice cream every day I go over my due date. So yeah, I’m not terribly disappointed to go over ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll keep you all updated when things start moving, and in the meantime I’ll be sampling all 31 flavors at the Baskin Robbins across the street. Have a great week!

Valentine’s Day Fail

16 Feb
Can you appreciate the artistry in this picture? Um, yeah. I'm thinking of becoming a photographer.

Can you appreciate the artistry in this picture? Um, yeah. I’m thinking of becoming a photographer.

When Michael and I were dating, we spent our first Valentine’s Day eating takeout sushi from Happy Sumo in the parking lot of Y mountain. We had been engaged for a few months and were pretty in love with each other, so it was quite a romantic day (as per the fact that I demanded it be so), complete with cards, flowers, presents, music, and musing about our future together.

On our second Valentine’s Day we lived in Wymount Terrace and had been married for almost a year. Because Michael is a financially-minded accountant (and the fact that we were poor college students), we kept the day of love pretty low-key. In addition to being exceptionally frugal, Michael also would never acknowledge Valentine’s Day unless he had a sappy wife (luckily I fill that void in his life), so I planned the day and we ate takeout Happy sumo for a candle-lit picnic in our front room and then watched a chick flick. Such romance.

This year was a little different…

What's more romantic than making flashcards for your husband for Valentine's Day?

I’ve recently become really paranoid that Michael will forget everything he’s learned about labor in the heat of the moment, so I lovingly prepared flashcards for him as a Valentine’s Day present. Thoughtful Vday present, no?

I woke up feeling absolutely terrible because I was having a lot of contractions. At first I thought I might be in labor but after paying closer attention, I realized that the contractions weren’t regular and weren’t getting stronger, so I knew it was just a warm-up. When I went to my doctor’s appointment he told me that I’m a little less than 1 cm dilated and that he was “pretty confident it won’t happen today.”

Honestly, I was okay with that because I think it would be tough to be a boy and have your birthday on the girliest holiday out there. Plus his mom would turn his birthday into a pink and red affair every year… Yeah, I think that worked out for the best ๐Ÿ™‚

See? Still there.

See? Still there.

I got home a little later and promptly went back to bed and spent the rest of the day in a painful haze. When Michael got home we went out for Thai food (no sushi when you’re pregnant, much to Michael’s relief) and frozen yogurt and then went to bed early. I feel really bad that I ruined Valentine’s Day, but I honestly wasn’t up to doing too much.

Don’t worry, Michael. I’ll make sure that next year is twice as romantic to make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meantime, I have started to focus on other things. Like this:

The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon! {source}

The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon!

I registered for this race a few days after Christmas and then promptly forgot about it with all the preparations for Mr. Baby.


The other day I had a dream that Michael and I were doing a triathlon together (I beat him) and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about getting back in shape.

Michael and I did this half marathon a few years ago and it is seriously such a good time.

How can a course with an elevation chart like this NOT be a good time? I mean really.

How can a course with an elevation chart like this NOT be a good time? I mean really.

I am so excited to do it again! Considering that I need to lose quite a bit of weight leading up to this race, I’m thinking that my chances of PR’ing are pretty remote (I ran it the first time in 1:56:04). If anything, this gives me a goal to work toward. And I’ll be able to spend some quality time with my first love: running. I’m thinking that April 1 will be the official start date of my serious weight loss/training program. Is it the worst idea to start on April Fool’s Day? I guess we’ll see!

I kind of can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

39 Week Bumpdate

11 Feb
Do I look sick of pregnancy? Because I am sick of pregnancy. So, so sick of pregnancy.

Do I look like I’m sick of being pregnant? Because I am. So, so sick of it. So are my chubby little wedding ringless fingers…

Remember last week when I said that I didn’t think I’d make it to my due date? Well. I’ve officially changed my stance on that. Because I’m pretty sure this little boy is planning to take up permanent residence in my uterus.

Last weekend I was having a lot of contractions, but then they came to a screeching halt and haven’t been heard from since.

Meanwhile, I’ve been ready to go for weeks

Got my hospital bag, diaper bag, car seat, and boppy pillow just waiting to be used.

Got my hospital bag, diaper bag, car seat, and boppy pillow just waiting to be used.

Let’s hope he decides to make an appearance before this time next week because I would much rather post a picture of him than of my ever-growing baby bump (less of a bump these days and more of a boulder).

38 Week Bumpdate :)

3 Feb
38 Weeks and counting...

38 Weeks and counting…

Sometimes I forget how big that belly is… and then I’ll walk by a mirror or window and catch a glimpse of my reflection and then realize that I really am looking pretty gigantic these days. The good news? I’M ALMOST DOOOOONE!! I want to shout it from the rooftops.

Wanna hear a secret?

(I’m going to feel really dumb if this doesn’t pan out, but…) I think this little guy isn’t going to hang out inside my uterus for two more weeks. I’ve got contractions going on pretty regularly, and even though I’ve never done this whole thing before, I’m pretty sure that’s significant.

It’s weird because I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for awhile and just didn’t realize what was going on. I’ve alsoย been having a lot of weird lower back pain that is really dull and achy and cramps that feel suspiciously like menstrual
cramps but stronger and over a larger surface area… obviously.

[Aside: I got a complaint today from one of Michael’s friends who will remain unnamed (ahem… it was Seth) that the content of my blog is “inappropriate” as per the fact that I reveal a bit too many details about pregnancy. If you happen to agree… Don’t worry, either you or your wife will experience pregnancy sometime in the likely near future and you’ll know how much real life I actually edited out of my retelling :)]

It all feels seriously, seriously weird. And painful! The other night at dinner I had a really painful contraction and then kind of panicked about doing a natural birth. I mean seriously, that little contraction that wasn’t even a labor contraction was enough to make me realize how painful this whole process is going to be. Yikes.

The weird thing about my contractions is that they only happen at night. During they day I’m great, but then the sun goes down and things start to… contract. They’ve actually been painful enough to wake me up. But by the time the sun comes up they’ve magically vanished. Makes me think that he’ll come in the PM.

I’ve also gotten a bad case of nesting. You should see my apartment! I’ve even been cleaning the walls… It’s out of control. Let’s hope my little guy comes soon and saves me from slowly losing my mind in a cleaning frenzy!

Birthday Partying and Baby Growing

1 Feb

Hey so no big deal, my birthday was on Monday.

Ha, as if. If you have ever spent time with me in January you know that my birthday is more important to me than financial stability (a point Michael takes issue with), my health, others’ happiness, or any other trivial part of life.

In order to celebrate my 25th birthday (yes, 25! I’m a quarter centurion!) to the very fullest, I planned every moment of Saturday (because Michael didn’t have to work) so that it would reach optimal levels of fun.

I woke up early and made these tasty little things:

birthday pancakes :)

Funfetti Pancakes. Bless the genius who came up with this idea.

I had to wait a few hours for Michael to get up (okay, I was too excited to sleep and ended up making these around 6am), but this clearly was a great way to start a birthday, no?

After coaxing him out of bed, Michael and I headed to…

I forgot to get a picture of the building, so I borrowed this picture from here

I forgot to get a picture of the building, so I borrowed this picture from here ๐Ÿ™‚

THE SEATTLE AQUARIUM! I have been wanting to go since the day we moved to Seattle, but I finally demanded that the underwater magic happen on my b-day. It was so fun! I wish they had an orca whale, but the cute little otters definitely made up for the lack of exclusively underwater-dwelling mammals.


Check out these little cuties waking up from a nap ๐Ÿ™‚ and note the pink hair… one half of this girl’s hair was black and the other half was pink. Such creativity.

After we went to the aquarium I determined that the theme of my birthday would be Under the Sea. It might sound a little 6-year-old-birthday-party, but it was a lot of fun. After the aquarium we drove home to watch the BYU basketball game against Portland (which we won, thanks to my birthday luck) and then headed to get some seafood for dinner (hey, dead seafood still came from under the sea), but the line was an hour long so we broke theme and went to Taco Time.

We rounded out the night by watching Finding Nemo and eating Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream:

I die. This stuff is so artery-cloggingly good.

I die. This stuff is so artery-cloggingly good.

Perfect weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Then on Monday (my actual birthday) we went out to get that rainchecked seafood dinner at a little place called Anthony’s Beach Cafe on the Sound.

I kind of feel bad for Michael (okay, let’s get real. I don’t feel bad at all…) because I declared the entire week before my birthday my “Birthday Week” and got to pick the radio station in the car, demanded regular trips to Menchie’s, and pretty much bossed him around every waking moment. Sigh, I love my birthday week.

More news?

let me see your belly drop

Sorry for the huge picture of my giant thorax, but I kind of looked like a drunken sailor so I just cropped my head out.

See any difference (beside my chipped fingernail polish)? Hmmm?

Okay, since I haven’t been posting regular pictures of my belly you are off the hook for not immediately knowing what has changed. My belly dropped! Seriously, I went to bed on Tuesday struggling to breathe (ugh, WORST thing about pregnancy) and realized somewhere during the day on Thursday that I hadn’t had any heartburn. AT ALL. Suspicious.

Then I realized that I could breathe. And that I could eat regular amounts of food without feeling like my rib cage would spontaneously burst open. Upon further examination I realized that my belly dropped! Hallelujah!

Honestly, life has gotten SO MUCH BETTER since then. I suspect that my 2 mile walk to and from the doctor’s office had a lot to do with helping it along, but whatever the reason, I think I’ll be able to get through the remainder of this pregnancy without having a meltdown.

boppy pillow

I just walked into my living room and found Michael putting the rocking chair and Boppy pillow to good use. I guess they don’t need to be used exclusively for nursing ๐Ÿ™‚

More good news?

I’m 37 weeks pregnant! Almost 38, but still, 37 weeks is something to be excited about. Why? Because I am officially full term. This means that the wiggly little thing inside of me is fully cooked! He could be born any time! I’m secretly hoping he makes an early appearance, but considering that I have never been early for anything in my life, I think karma is going to make sure he stays put for awhile longer. Sad day.

I’ll let you know if anything changes though… like, my water breaking. Or me going into labor. In the meantime, I’ll be cleaning my apartment like a mad woman (yes, the nesting urge has me working overtime these days)!

After a Long Absence… 36 Week Bumpdate!

21 Jan
36 week bumpdate

4 Weeks(ish) Left!

Helloooo blogosphere! After an extended disappearing act, I’m back and ready to party. And blog. And have a baby… because I am so sick of being pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all, I apologize for having absconded my duties for so many weeks. Months. Eh, who’s counting?

Second, I have a lot of updating to do! I’ve been reading my brains out about childbirth and infant care, and I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with the world. Get excited.

Now to get down to business, here are some of the changes that have taken place since my last post:

Heartburn: Omg. It’s like the oven has been turned up a few hundred degrees. I have gone through soooo many packs of Tums it’s just ridiculous.

Serious Drop in Energy: I have been sleeping ridiculous amounts at night. And during the day. It’s a little crazy how tired I am all of the time! The only problem is that sleeping has become incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t sleep on my back, I can’t sleep on my tummy, and I can only stay on each side for so long before my hips start aching. Not fun.

Stretch Marks: The Greatest Tragedy of All: A little piece of me dies a little every time I see a new one. And yes, I am keeping tabs on all of them (this is a pretty big statement because there are just so many of them). Breaks my heart. Right now they are growing like weeds on my hips and are just starting to form right under my bump. Too much info? Sorry! At least I’m not posting pictures… yet.

Swollen Feet & Ankles: This might be the most bizarre of all. I was really excited to get some Le Chameau rain boots (hello, I live in Seattle, the land of the endless monsoon). Who else owns Le Chameau rain boots? Yes, this trendy duchess:

Me and Kate are twinners.

Me and Kate are twinners.

We’re both pregnant and we have the same boots! Unfortunately, my ankles have been so swollen these days that I can’t get them on. Sad, sad day.

Apple Juice Cravings: Michael has figured out that this is the key to my heart:


Heavenly. I could drink it every moment of the day.

Hoarding Baby Items: Diaper bag, car seat, stroller, diaper genie, ergobaby carrier, play yard, swaddling blankets, boppy pillow, rocking chair, you name it. If my baby needs it, I’m all over it. Around Christmas I realized that this little boy is coming sooner than I thought, and then the collecting began. I feel like a little rat hoarding baby things in the corner of our living room (because we haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet…). You should see our stash, I kind of love it!

I’m getting pretty excited about this little boy coming and it’s actually starting to feel real! In the meantime I’ve been practicing my swaddling skills…


It’s kind of fun! I read the book The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp and it convinced me that swaddling the little man is going to make life a lot easier. More on that later though.

Happy Monday everybody! You’ll hear more from me soon ๐Ÿ™‚