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SDRC 10K Turkey Trot Race Recap

28 Nov

*Sorry all the pictures look so goofy! I left the camera in a weird mode and it stayed in that mode until the next day when I realized the problem. Whoops!

Starting Line

Annie and Ashley looking cute at the start.
Somehow my face got lost in the shuffle, but don’t worry. You can still see my belly poking out of the crowd.

Where to start? This race was so much fun and I’m so glad Ashley and Annie decided to do it too! In the days before, they both said they were nervous because they hadn’t been running a ton, but I was pretty confident that my slow pace would keep things easy (turns out I was right… I’m one slow chick these days).

We got to the South Davis Recreational Center around 8am to pick up our swag bags and race shirts and then hung out for an hour before the start. I guess the race must have been pretty popular because I was the only one of us who had signed up early enough for a shirt. Bummer, huh? They said they would send the rest of the shirts out in the mail though. If only I could squeeze my ever-expanding belly into mine…


Annie finishing like a champ. Hair billowing behind her and everything. THAT is a good finish.

I decided that for the sake of my pride I needed to wear my Ogden Marathon shirt. I figured that if I didn’t come in dead last it would be somewhere very close to dead last, so I needed to let everyone who was judging me know that even though I was the slow kid who needed occasional walking breaks I had, in fact, run a marathon.


I’m aware that I look like a complete lunatic in this picture. I think I was laughing at something Michael said… But I kind of like the view of my belly 🙂 Ps… check out that form, Ashley! Landing on your toes and everything. You should run a marathon. Sorry your legs look yellow.

When we got to mile 2 my calves were burning like crazy, so I stopped for a second to stretch them out. Those things are getting a little too high-maintenance for me. Other than the calves, though, the race went really well! It went like this: walking break, calf stretching, water break, walking break, and then we crossed the finish line.

Well… there was some slow jogging on a seriously annoying course (that wound around blocks to get to 6.2 miles) and a white Accura following us around with camera-clad husbands (I should clarify… my husband and Ashley’s husband. Not a car full of random husbands. That would have been funny though), but other than that it was pretty uneventful.



3 turkey trotters decked out in race bling.

My official time was 1:20:01, making my pace 12:54 min/mile. I’ll take it!

I think I’m done with running for the rest of this pregnancy. I love it and it’s really helped to keep me feeling good (and sane), but it is just killing my back. I was gimping around for a few days afterward. I don’t want to hurt my back for good because I didn’t know when to call it quits. I’m thinking that there’s a lot of walking in my future…

I made kale.

21 Oct

Okay, I really hate to say this, but I think kale might just be unsalvageable for me. I might just have to give up on it. I’m a little sad because I had such high hopes for it, but guess what. It’s just gross.

And I say that after trying really hard to find a way to like it. Sorry kids, I will be taking a loosely permanent vacation from kale effective immediately.

Take a look at my fully-documented journey with kale this week:

Steamed Kale

I chopped. I wilted. I steamed.
And then I puked.

To be clear, I think the puking was pregnancy-related, but it still happened. And for that I blame the vegetable. If you’re curious, I used this recipe, which sounded really tasty at the time, but… well, you know the gory details. Bonus? It made my apartment smell disgusting for a full 24 hours.

Aside from my quest to become a lover of all veggies, I might have made a friend! After we met, we started talking about healthy food and turns out that been a 100% organic chick for the past three years. What? I know. She’s so cool. I’m gonna learn all of her ways.

I’ve also been reading like a maniac. Harry Potter? Of course. Well, I’ve been listening to Harry Potter, but I’ve been reading this book:

Run Like a Mother

Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–And Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

As per the fact that I will be a mother in less than 4 months, I decided that this book was a necessity. And it has gotten me so excited about running after the baby comes!

Meanwhile, my C210K plan managed to get a little off-track (illness, you know). So I just skipped ahead a few weeks and life is now great. All of a sudden I love running again!

When I’m on a run, there are 2 parts that I really hate: the warm-up and the last mile. I realized that the reason I was hating my workouts was because that was all I was getting. Skipping up to the 4 mile runs has been so.much.better. I actually like it again and can remember why I love running so much!

Also, something exciting happened this week.

Official Ballot

I ♥ democracy.

Our official ballots came! Michael and I read through the whole voter’s pamphlet (read: I read through the entire packet and then gave him the condensed version) and then voted. So awesome. The last presidential debate is tomorrow. Can you believe it? Election season is the bomb.

Superfoods: Condiment Edition

15 Oct

This week, the superfood I will be focusing on is ketchup!


Yes, that’s right. Ketchup.

Made of tomatoes, vinegar, and sugar, ketchup is one of the healthiest foods you can find. It is packed full of vitamins A through Z and… calcium… and… okay, just kidding. Ketchup isn’t a superfood. Turns out it isn’t even good for you.


I need to do some serious catching up this week (get it? Ketchup… Catch-up? I’m so funny).

Pretty much I’m going to go back and do 1 more kale and 1 more carrot recipe because I just didn’t give these superfoods enough love during their respective weeks. Party party!

Carrots + Kale

Carrots + Kale. Maybe combined? Okay, let’s not get too crazy.

Also. I went jogging today! This was quite the event, since I pretty much didn’t move at all last week. At all. But after listening to this talk, I’m determined to love running (and life in general) more. Because it turns out that I’ve been dreading it and hating every step lately. So sad.

Today was better. I was really focused on not checking to see how far I’d gone or how fast I was running and just staying in the moment. All was going well until I slipped on a bridge (dang rain makes everything so slippery), fell, and hurt my shoulder just a tad. I’m going to go ahead and call it a sports-related injury.

Here are some great quotes from that talk that I just love:

“Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey.”

“Doesn’t it seem foolish to spoil sweet and joyful experiences because we are constantly anticipating the moment when they will end?”

[ahem… me on]

“We shouldn’t wait to be happy until we reach some future point, only to discover that happiness was already available—all the time! Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.”

I feel like I’m usually really good about loving life when I’m in the moment–particularly running–but lately, I feel like it’s just another thing to check off of my to-do list. Isn’t that sad? I love running! Unhealthily, even. But I just don’t love it these days, so my goal for this week is to suffer through it less and love it more.

Is anyone else going through the exercise dumps?
How do you stay positive?

This Time Next Year…

4 Oct

A year from today, I plan on being in awesome shape and finishing up my last few 20-mile runs to get ready for my first marathon as a mom. Third marathon overall, first marathon as a mom. Bah! Is it just me or does that sound way.more.terrifying?

Despite my trepidation, I think I’ve found next year’s fall marathon! I have set my sights on this gorgeous locale:


Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth is this cute town in the Cascade mountains that looks like a little Bavarian village and just so happens to be the prospective location of my next major running conquest.

The Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon is going on this weekend and I am a little bit dying to go watch… I’m a sucker for these things. Is anyone else out there crazy for spectating at running events? You know, runners in their natural element, going and going until they puke.

Yep, I eat that crap up.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing my little C210K plan and loving the fact that I am very much out of marathon shape, getting fatter by the day, and loving the little kicks on my (usually very full) bladder.

[Speaking of bladders… I was talking to Michael the other day and mentioned that running is way different now that I’m pregnant because it’s like little man gets super bounced on his own personal trampoline with every step I take. He just responded by saying “fun,” but then he got this distant look in his eyes and lost himself in what I can only imagine was a fantasy about getting super bounced on a trampoline all his own. He was out of it for awhile after that… I think he’s been jealous of our unborn son ever since.]

Which brings me to my second point. Examine these pictures from my first two marathons and tell me what they have in common:

Mesa Falls Marathon

At the start of the Mesa Falls Marathon in 2010

Mesa Falls with Michael

Toward the end of the Mesa Falls Marathon

Ogden Marathon with Jill

At mile 8 in the Ogden Marathon

Ogden Marathon Finish

My favorite moment of the Ogden Marathon: the finish
(we got chocolate milk and bread, so obviously I was pretty happy)

The answer: I’m with a running partner.

Michael ran the Mesa Falls Marathon with me (on a whim… he finished an olympic triathlon the weekend before and the night before the race he was like… yeah, why not? and then signed up. Ridiculous.) and my sister Jill trained for and ran the Ogden Marathon with me. Have I mentioned that we had a total blast together? Nothing brings two people together quite like self-inflicted suffering. True story.

But having moved to Seattle just a few months ago, I have yet to find a running buddy, nevermind a running buddy who I can keep up with (have you noticed my growing belly? Yeah, turns out that it’s been slowing me down these days).

Harry Potter and the Oder of the Phoenix

Who doesn’t love the Boy Who Lived?
That’s a rhetorical question.
If you don’t love him, we can’t be friends.
Don’t take it personally.

I’ve been listening to Harry Potter on audiobook lately, but I’m in the 5th book (you know, the one where Harry gets a little too emo for everybody’s tastes…), and having Johnny Raincloud in my ear doesn’t make running any more fun, unfortunately.

If anyone out there has any suggestions about how to pick up a new running buddy, PLEASE tell me. I’m dying a little over here.

Well geez, now that you’ve gotten me on the topic of my friendlessness I’m starting to sound like Harry in his Order of the Phoenix days. Maybe Hermione would make a good running buddy… she seems friendly enough, if not a little annoying.

Ps: An author of one of the blogs that I read, Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point, wrote a post about how she is having the exact same problem. Crazy, huh? It seems that a scarcity of running partners is going around. Sad day.

Cool Kids Eat Kale

1 Oct

I’ve heard forever that it’s important to eat enough leafy greens, but when I make my weekly grocery list, it usually only includes a (small) bag of spinach for salads. Honestly, I don’t know how to eat them outside of a salad. I’ve been trying to eat more leafy greens for awhile now, but my creativity has been pretty limited. Choosing kale as the superfood of the week is pretty ambitious for me because I have no idea what to do with it. This week is going to take a lot of research…

Confession: I bought kale a year ago but was really intimidated by it and let it go bad without using a single leaf. Don’t tell Michael.

Goal: This week is going to be different.

Ps: Speaking of this week being different. Remember my basil plant? It’s looking a little sad these days. I don’t know what the deal is! I’ve been watering it every other day and taking it outside for a few hours every day so it can soak up the sun. In all honesty, I didn’t realize it would be such a high-maintenance plant… But I’m determined to keep it alive. Any suggestions? I need some serious help.

I digress.

Kale Nutritional Information
(info from here)

Nutritionists recommend that every adult eat at least 1 entire cup of leafy greens. Are you getting enough? If not, you might want to study up on how to include more Swiss chard, mustard greens, kale, collards, broccoli, and romaine in your diet.

Kale in particular is a great leafy green to eat during pregnancy because it helps your body to neutralize toxins that can cause cancer. It also prevents ovarian cancer, so if you are having a girl, eat up! It can provide ovarian health benefits to your baby as early as your second trimester. What? Yes. Seriously. I’m having a boy, but I’m pretty fond of my own ovaries, so I’m gonna eat the kale anyway.

Ready to find out how to prepare kale? Yeah, me too. Make sure to grab some at the grocery store and stay tuned 🙂

Ps: I ran 2.5 miles today at 10:00 min/mile pace. Truth. 

10:00 min/mile!

See that pace? Yep, that was me.

You have my permission to raise your eyebrows. I was so impressed with myself that I had a little one-woman dance after I got home. To this song. Btw, best running song ever? I do believe so.

Just When I’d Resigned Myself to Pain and Torture for the Next 4.5 Months…

29 Sep

After finishing my C210K workout yesterday, I was pretty nervous. And a little depressed. I was dying a little toward the end of my (little more than 2 mile) workout, and I figured that since I have been at this whole pregnant exercising thing for a while now, it was just going to stay pretty painful the entire time.

But today. Today still hurt. But. It was better!

I decided to start out really slow and only increase my pace if I was feeling good. Yesterday I remember wanting to cry when I looked down at my watch and saw that I’d only gone .46 miles (oh my gosh, that makes me feel so pathetic), and today I was feeling really great until the 1.74 mile mark. Not bad, right? Well… not good. But not bad! I’m just going to try to remember to channel the tortoise, not the hare.

After my little workout, me and Michael went down to the Puget Sound to check out the ferries and the native wildlife.

At the Puget Sound

Pardon me not looking at the camera.


We live in such a gorgeous place!

This place is pretty awesome because it has a 27-acre underwater park with a bunch of different trails and paths that divers can explore. There’s a lot of sunken ships and docks down there too. I really want to go dive around in here next summer! How cool would that be?


We saw this little cutie last week at this same place, but I forgot to post a picture. He followed a school of fish into the marina and was zipping around under the yachts and dock.

I hope all of you enjoy what’s left of the weekend! Happy sweating!

Jogging and a Caprese Salad

26 Sep
18 & 19 Week Bump

My little bump is growing! I kind of love it.

The bump is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s happening really fast. Michael has started calling me ‘big belly’ and it’s not inaccurate these days… I’m starting to get used to jogging with the extra weight and at my doctor’s appointment today I got the green light for doing a Thanksgiving 10K.

Actually, he told me that I can run as long as I don’t reach the level of effort and performance that elite runners exert. Um, yeah, I’ll keep that in mind when I start averaging sub-5:00 miles. Thanks doc!

Golf Course Trail

This is the trail around the golf course that I’ve been using. Don’t worry, I always take my pepper spray… I may or may not be a little paranoid.

After getting back from my workout, I made this lovely little salad:

Caprese Salad

Post-sweat lunch 🙂

Cute, no? Me and Michael finished it off pretty quickly.

Caprese Salad Recipe

I just used this simple recipe that came with the basil plant I bought.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. The tomato and basil were really good, but the mozzarella was a little overwhelming. That might have been my fault for cutting it too thick though. I really think balsamic vinegar would have improved it, but I didn’t have any handy.

And maybe it’s just me… There are a lot of people who love caprese salads, so make sure to try it and decide for yourself. Let me know what you think if you try it!

Ps: We heard our little man’s heartbeat at my doctor’s appointment today 🙂 It took him a full minute to find it, and I was silently freaking out the entire time, but he eventually located it. So fun!