Birthday Partying and Baby Growing

1 Feb

Hey so no big deal, my birthday was on Monday.

Ha, as if. If you have ever spent time with me in January you know that my birthday is more important to me than financial stability (a point Michael takes issue with), my health, others’ happiness, or any other trivial part of life.

In order to celebrate my 25th birthday (yes, 25! I’m a quarter centurion!) to the very fullest, I planned every moment of Saturday (because Michael didn’t have to work) so that it would reach optimal levels of fun.

I woke up early and made these tasty little things:

birthday pancakes :)

Funfetti Pancakes. Bless the genius who came up with this idea.

I had to wait a few hours for Michael to get up (okay, I was too excited to sleep and ended up making these around 6am), but this clearly was a great way to start a birthday, no?

After coaxing him out of bed, Michael and I headed to…

I forgot to get a picture of the building, so I borrowed this picture from here

I forgot to get a picture of the building, so I borrowed this picture from here 🙂

THE SEATTLE AQUARIUM! I have been wanting to go since the day we moved to Seattle, but I finally demanded that the underwater magic happen on my b-day. It was so fun! I wish they had an orca whale, but the cute little otters definitely made up for the lack of exclusively underwater-dwelling mammals.


Check out these little cuties waking up from a nap 🙂 and note the pink hair… one half of this girl’s hair was black and the other half was pink. Such creativity.

After we went to the aquarium I determined that the theme of my birthday would be Under the Sea. It might sound a little 6-year-old-birthday-party, but it was a lot of fun. After the aquarium we drove home to watch the BYU basketball game against Portland (which we won, thanks to my birthday luck) and then headed to get some seafood for dinner (hey, dead seafood still came from under the sea), but the line was an hour long so we broke theme and went to Taco Time.

We rounded out the night by watching Finding Nemo and eating Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream:

I die. This stuff is so artery-cloggingly good.

I die. This stuff is so artery-cloggingly good.

Perfect weekend 🙂

Then on Monday (my actual birthday) we went out to get that rainchecked seafood dinner at a little place called Anthony’s Beach Cafe on the Sound.

I kind of feel bad for Michael (okay, let’s get real. I don’t feel bad at all…) because I declared the entire week before my birthday my “Birthday Week” and got to pick the radio station in the car, demanded regular trips to Menchie’s, and pretty much bossed him around every waking moment. Sigh, I love my birthday week.

More news?

let me see your belly drop

Sorry for the huge picture of my giant thorax, but I kind of looked like a drunken sailor so I just cropped my head out.

See any difference (beside my chipped fingernail polish)? Hmmm?

Okay, since I haven’t been posting regular pictures of my belly you are off the hook for not immediately knowing what has changed. My belly dropped! Seriously, I went to bed on Tuesday struggling to breathe (ugh, WORST thing about pregnancy) and realized somewhere during the day on Thursday that I hadn’t had any heartburn. AT ALL. Suspicious.

Then I realized that I could breathe. And that I could eat regular amounts of food without feeling like my rib cage would spontaneously burst open. Upon further examination I realized that my belly dropped! Hallelujah!

Honestly, life has gotten SO MUCH BETTER since then. I suspect that my 2 mile walk to and from the doctor’s office had a lot to do with helping it along, but whatever the reason, I think I’ll be able to get through the remainder of this pregnancy without having a meltdown.

boppy pillow

I just walked into my living room and found Michael putting the rocking chair and Boppy pillow to good use. I guess they don’t need to be used exclusively for nursing 🙂

More good news?

I’m 37 weeks pregnant! Almost 38, but still, 37 weeks is something to be excited about. Why? Because I am officially full term. This means that the wiggly little thing inside of me is fully cooked! He could be born any time! I’m secretly hoping he makes an early appearance, but considering that I have never been early for anything in my life, I think karma is going to make sure he stays put for awhile longer. Sad day.

I’ll let you know if anything changes though… like, my water breaking. Or me going into labor. In the meantime, I’ll be cleaning my apartment like a mad woman (yes, the nesting urge has me working overtime these days)!


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