15 Nov

No, not May Day. Mayday. As in the distress signal. As in, this captain might be going down with the ship.

Today I went on a run. Which isn’t unusual, but today I realized something.

Lately my calves have been absolutely kiiiilllllling me when I run. I couldn’t figure out why, but today it finally clicked… I weigh a lot 😦


These svelte beauties have carried me over hundreds and hundreds of miles.

My legs are perfectly adapted to supporting me without a baby in my uterus. Buuut these days that isn’t what’s going on. There’s definitely a squirmy little boy along for the ride with every step, and my calves aren’t fooled.

I don’t know how it took me so long to figure out that my achy calves and arches were the result of my increased weight, but there is no denying it. I guess I’ve just expanded quicker than my body could build muscle to keep up. Sad, huh?

I kept thinking that the aching would go away before the 10K (in exactly 1 week. Whaaat??), but unless I manage to drop several pounds before then, this turkey trot is going to be preeetty painful. And slow. Did I mention that a 12 minute mile is looking really impressive these days? I’m just hoping I finish in under 2 hours. Crazy, huh?

I’m still excited about it though. Michael’s sister Annie is doing it too (And Ashley? Are you going to the turkey trot party? Say yes!)! This might just be the most impressive thing I’ve ever done. 6.4 miles when I’m about 6.4 months pregnant? Yep, that sounds pretty hardcore. Let’s just hope I don’t die somewhere along the course.


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