24 Week Bumpdate

29 Oct
Baby Bump 24 Weeks

That awkward moment when you realize that I’m actually a (pregnant) member of the undead… Kind of reminiscent of Twilight, right? No? Okay, that’s fine too.

New this week: During my first trimester, I remember I was just wiped out allllll the time. I went to bed early, woke up late, and usually took a nap during the day. Second trimester? Totally different story. I haven’t taken a single nap this trimesterT Until this week, that is… I was so tired this week that I actually took 3 naps. I’ve heard that when you get into the third trimester you get tired all over again. I’m still about a month away from that point, but I think my body is prepping for it. Or maybe I just need more sleep at night…

Other exciting developments include ever-increasing heartburn (so fun) and my first stab of round ligament pain (in the middle of the night when I rolled over).


That belly is really starting to look gigantic. I feel like things have really started cooking think week. And I had three strangers comment on my bump! I think that means I’ve clearly moved out of the she-could-stand-to-lose-a-few-pounds phase and am safely in the what-a-cute-pregnant-belly phase. It’s good to be here 🙂


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