23 Week Bumpdate

21 Oct
23 Weeks

23 Weeks

New this week: Nothing new this week, actually. A lot of kicking and punching (I think he’s attempting to get his black belt in utero). More heartburn (I’m almost out of Tums). Another emotional breakdown (I’m starting to feel really bad for Michael… he’s turning into quite the experienced counselor).

I feel like I’ve ballooned this week… Either I’ve gotten really fat really fast or little man is going through a huge growth spurt. He almost weighs a whole pound! I heard (on Grey’s Anatomy so I know it’s true) that babies can usually survive if they are born early at around 24 weeks. 1 lb. is the magic number. Not that I’m thinking I’ll deliver early, but I like to know that things will (probably) be okay if anything should go south.

Does that make me sound paranoid? I think it might be a symptom of pregnancy…


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