22 Week Bumpdate

14 Oct
22 Weeks

22 Weeks!

New this week: Michael felt little man kicking! So much fun. He still is wiggling all over the place, but the movements are getting bigger and stronger. I kind of love it.


I had my first oh-crap-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into-I’m-not-mature-enough-to-have-a-baby breakdown. I was sitting at my laptop writing one moment, and the other I was sitting on my bed in a puddle of tears (and other liquids… let’s not forget that I have been getting over a cold… So, yeah. It was a messy cry). I just go SO overwhelmed thinking about all of the changes that are coming my way.

First of all, my body. Already not my own. I love running. Love it, love it, love it! But these days, getting a few miles in is like moving a mountain. And I have really started missing it. I can’t help but wish I was busy pounding out long runs, but I have just had to accept that my body has different limitations these days.

Second, my time. Still mine for another 4 months, but after that, I have a feeling that every minute will have a slobbery little person attached to it. Not that I’m not looking forward to it, but there’s no denying that my life is going to change dramatically in just a few short weeks (18, to be specific).

Third. Gosh, I just can’t wrap my mind around numbers 1 and 2, so I’m gonna stick with those for now… Digest the changes slowly, you know? In the meantime I’m just gonna look forward to that slobbery little boy who I’m going to meet in February and hope he’ll make all of these crazy changes worth it.


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