I Cashed in my Running Karma Points Today

26 Sep

I didn’t even know I had any karma points stored up, buy imagine my surprise when Buddha emailed me $27.40 worth of it this morning. Yes, that is correct, I got a screaming deal on the DAWN OF THE DEAD DASH!!

Dawn of the Dead Dash


To recap, I will be one of the running undead on the streets of Seattle on October 27. Even better? The deal was so good ($17.60 per registration!) that I also registered Michael. Because immediately after I pushed the confirm button, I realized that this event would be absolutely zero fun without a friend. And considering that as of this moment Michael is my only friend in Seattle, he was my obvious choice.

Other good news includes this little cutie and a caprese salad on the schedule for the day:


I genuinely hope this plant lives longer than a week.

Stay tuned 🙂

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