From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

24 Sep

Delicious and nutritious

Did you read this book when you were little? I loved it—along with pretty much every other book I came in contact with. Yeah, I was a huge nerd back in the day. And actually still am, come to think of it.

Anyway, let’s move on to tastier subjects: basil. There is just so much to love about basil. It smells amazing, tastes even better, and is super easy to grow. Or so I hear… I have bought live basil 3 times and have yet to see it live longer than a week. But things are going to change. Tomorrow when I go to the grocery store I’m going to grab a basil plant and you can bet that this one will live. My plant-killing streak is over as of tomorrow. Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to turn into a gardening blog…

I have some great ideas for what to do with this yummy plant, so stay posted!

Basil Nutritional Information
(as usual, my info comes from this book)

So why is basil so healthy for you? Well, it comes down to the iron, calcium, and folate contents.

Remember how your blood levels increase by ridiculous amounts during pregnancy (by close to 50%)? If you don’t get enough iron from your diet, you can develop anemia.

Calcium is important as well because your little person is growing a complete skeleton, which requires a lot of calcium. If he doesn’t get it, your body will take calcium from your bones to make sure that your growing baby gets enough. Moral of the story: EAT ENOUGH CALCIUM. The body doesn’t absorb calcium from supplements as well as it does through food, so it’s really important to eat foods that are high in calcium and not to rely solely on supplements.

Folic acid and folate are responsible for protecting the neural tube during the first trimester, and during the second semester it’s still important because it helps your little guy’s or girl’s cells grow and divide. And just in case you’re curious, folic acid comes from supplements and folic acid comes from your diet. There are some other things involved, but that’s pretty much the gyst of it.

Bonus: Basil also contains volatile oils that inhibits the growth of bacteria and flavonoids that clear up free radicals.

So everyone go out and buy some live basil (it’s so cheap! Seriously, like $2 for a lot of it) so you can play around with it and try some yummy recipes with me.

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