2 miles! I ran 2 miles today!

24 Sep

Okay, okay, I slowly jogged 2 miles today. Still awesome, no? Is it sad that I’m so excited about it? It’s just crazy how quickly my life has changed from 6 months ago. When I ran 2 miles in a workout when I was training for the Ogden Marathon, it was because I hadn’t finished my workout or had decided that 2 miles was better than nothing. But only barely.

But today, I ran 2 miles and it felt pretty hardcore. I’m starting to worry about running a 10K for Thanksgiving. If I’m having trouble with 2 miles now, 6 miles in 2 months is going to be rough. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, so I’ll ask about it and make sure I made the right choice.

Another thing that I think would help would be this:


This. is. awesome.

Perfect! I am such a Halloween freak. It really isn’t normal. My very first long distance race I ever did was the Halloween Half Marathon in Provo Canyon, so racing and Halloween just go hand-in-hand for me. I want to do this race soooo bad. But it’s expensive. I’m gonna start digging around in the couch cushions to see if I can scrounge up the $45 registration fee (for a 5K? Yeah, that’s a little steep…). Until then, I’ll just be dreaming about my pregnant zombie running costume…

Ps: I found a running trail! So exciting! There were a lot of runners and walkers out on it and every time I saw runners I wanted to go hug them and tell them how much I’ve missed them lately. But I decided that was a really great way to freak everybody out, so I contained my excitement.

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