19 Week Bumpdate

23 Sep
Baby Bump 19 Weeks

19 weeks

New This Week: Stretch marks. In all the wrong places 😦 Seriously, I love getting bigger (in some areas), but the stretch marks are not fun. Any suggestions out there on how to keep them under control? I hear there’s not much you can do (aside from praying for good genes), but I have to think that with all of the awesome technology we have, we should at least have found a way to stop stretch marks from… stretching. Steve Jobs really should have put that on his priority list back in 2007 after he came out with iPhone. Curing stretch marks was way more important than the iPad.

I’m dying for Michael to be able to feel him move, but it’s totally random. He never stays in the same place for long and I can’t find a way to get him to kick when I want him to. I have a feeling this little guy is going to be a total spaz. Either way I think Michael’s gonna have to wait a little while longer. I know he’s making plans for his little pal though. We went to REI and I caught him up in the little kids section checking out tiny ski coats and pants. It was kind of adorable.


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