You Win Some, You Lose Some

15 Sep
Just a Day at the Rodeo

Top left: This event is seriously called the “Indian Relay” and involves Native Americans racing bareback around the track on horses. It. was. rockin.
Top right: All the cowboys communing on the track. Have you ever seen so many cowboy hats in your life?
Bottom left: This cowboy won the steer wrestling competition! I didn’t even know it was a real thing, but it was pretty exciting to watch.
Bottom right: The bull riding was so exciting! Those things are so mean. You really couldn’t get me on one of them if you tried. This cowboy won the whole competition.

So… the Pendleton Round Up was a ton of fun (except for the part where it was reeeaally hot and I had a pregnant woman meltdown…). It made me want to buy a horse and sign up for a rodeo. But then I realized that I never want to be on a horse (or any other animal, for that matter) that’s traveling faster than I can on foot. Once I resigned myself to my life as a city girl, I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Michael & Me

Me and Michael (sporting our BYU blue) at the roday-oh.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is not an active member of PETA.

After the rodeo, we went to my grandparent’s house for dinner and some fun family time and then headed home to watch the BYU/Utah game.

Which was about where the fun ended. Such a travesty! I mean seriously. The Muss stormed the field twice before the end of the game and we still lost. My dad, Michael, and I have been muttering under our breaths about it ever since the game ended. It would have been so awesome for them to have stormed the field (twice) and then had the game go into overtime anyway. WHY COULD THAT NOT HAVE HAPPENED?? Sigh. I guess there’s always next year.

Now, before moving on, let’s reminisce about better times…

Anyway party animals, I’m all birthdayed/rodeod/football gamed out. It’s off to bed for this little lightweight. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend (what’s left of it, anyway)!


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